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This is my entry into the "Calendar of Tales" Project by Neil Gaiman and Blackberry.

This project is amazing as Neil has written twelve stories inspired by his community via Twitter.  He wrote one story for each month and put them up for artists to contribute artwork for the project.  It will then be collated together in a digital hub for the Calendar of Tales Project.  

I’m still just a beginner as a writer, with only a few years of consistant writing practice under my belt.  But even though I am not an artist, I really wanted to contribute in my own way to this project.  So, I took one of his stories I loved the most and wrote my own in that universe.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I love that this project exists for anyone who is creative.  It’s given me my own push to keep writing and just have fun with it. 

If Mr. Gaiman or any of the Keep Moving Project at Blackberry is reading this.  Thank you for this.  It’s an inspiration for creative people everywhere.

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